Sound quality is the essence for pure enjoyment, happiness and for living life stress-free. Artis range of multimedia speakers and headphones keep this sound quality in focus. All Artis products are introduced in the market only after carefully designing them for exceptional sound quality and reliability.

Artis Laptop/Mobile Accessories range

Laptop/Mobile Accessories

From Powerbanks to USB Wall chargers to Sync/Charge Cable to adaptors and convertors, we've launched accessories for laptops and mobiles.

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Artis 2.x Speaker range

2.x Speakers

Glow, XL-USB, S-105, S-222, S-117, S-211, S-121, S-221, S-225-USB, X-Bar models in this range are armed with features such as allowing USB pen drives, compatible with your TV, VCD, DVD, PCs, inbuilt FM tuners, etc.

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Artis 2.x Speaker range

5.1 Speakers

S-6699, S-6655, S-5555 USB models allow you to use the speakers with your MP3/CD and DVD VCD/TV, gaming consoles, remote control for ease-of-use and convenience and more..

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Artis Headset range


Blast and Star are 2 new models to the wide range of Artis headphones - 15 in all.. which are ideal for voice and video chat, music, movies, Skype, MSN, video conferencing, voice recognition and multi-player internet gaming

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